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7 Pros & Cons of Dumpster Services: Rental vs. Junk Removal

We don’t usually consider ourselves mind readers, but we sense you’re grappling with the decision to hire either a dumpster service or a junk removal company. We understand why. 

From cost to environmental impact, there are many factors to consider when it comes to waste disposal. Whether you have a major construction job or event on the horizon, it’s important to know the pros and cons of renting a dumpster versus employing a junk removal service. It’ll help you determine what’s right for you and your project. 

1. PRO: It’s Cost-Effective 

Generally, a dumpster rental is going to be less expensive than a junk removal service.

Dumpsters are typically available in multiple sizes so you can choose a unit that’s appropriate for the job. And, you have an idea of what the cost will be upfront.

When utilizing a junk removal company, pricing is contingent upon truck space. In other words, as your debris fills up the truck, you incur charges. This is usually done by the cubic foot.

What’s more, in the case of large jobs, junk haulers often have to make multiple trips to dispose of waste. Unfortunately, this means more cost for you since many companies charge for additional trips. A dumpster service allows you to fill up a sizable dumpster and have it removed in one, quick trip.

2. PRO: It’s On Your Schedule

Dumpster rental allows you to collect and dispose of items on your timeline since you select a rental period that’s suitable to you. This is particularly beneficial for those working on a long-term project.

With a junk removal firm, you’re restricted to when a crew is available. Plus, if you happen to forget items or end up with more waste as your job progresses, you may have to call a truck back out and pay more money. 

3. PRO: It’s Safer

 With a dumpster service, you have a central area for your refuse. It allows for a cleaner, and subsequently safer, workspace. 

With junk hauling, you may end up collecting items and holding them in an open area while you wait for a crew to arrive. This can create a hazardous environment for not only workers but also anyone who visits your site.

4. PRO: Less Liability For You

This is related to the safety but it deserves its own section.

We’re sorry if this causes you to feel any stress but it has to be said: When you have any responsibility for a worksite, you open yourself up to legal liability. For example, an unsafe environment could result in workers’ compensation or personal injury claims. Of course, we’re not saying this is inevitable, and we’re certainly not lawyers. But, it’s good to be aware of the possibility.

Again, a dumpster service can help you maintain a safer work or event space. And, in turn, you mitigate the risk of legal action.

5. PRO: It’s Environmentally Friendly

Remember when we mentioned how a junk hauling business might have to make numerous trips to dispose of garbage? It’s easy to overlook the impact of seemingly harmless tasks, but the fact of the matter is every trip back and forth from your site leaves a carbon footprint. When utilizing a rented dumpster, there are significantly fewer trips required for removing waste.

At Captain Hook Austin Dumpster Rentals, our team is highly focused on ensuring legal, safe, and eco-friendly disposal practices are followed. In addition to helping clients reduce their carbon footprints, we discard debris depending on the nature of the items as well as the potential for reuse. If you’re looking into a dumpster service, be sure to ask if their operation is environmentally friendly.

6. CON: A Bit More Labor On Your Part

As you’ve probably gathered by now, a dumpster rental requires you to load the waste before pick up and disposal. For many folks, this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker; however, some may see it as a downside.

When there are concerns about doing physical labor, a junk removal service may be a good option. You get a crew who does all the heavy lifting for you. But, don’t forget — you pay for that labor.

7. CON: Location Might Matter

The phrase “location, location, location” isn’t typically used in the waste management industry but it seems appropriate here. With a dumpster rental, your local government may require you to secure specific permits.

It’s worth noting that, while you’re responsible for obtaining applicable permits, many dumpster rental companies will help guide you through what is needed. This means you don’t have to feel in the dark when it comes to licensing issues.

If You Choose A Dumpster Service…

In a perfect world, you could hire any dumpster rental company and know that you’re getting the best service and expertise. But, as we all know, not all businesses are created equal.

In the Austin area, Captain Hook is the go-to source for dumpster rentals. There are several reasons why Texans trust us: 

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Affordable, flat pricing
  • Easy quoting and scheduling
  • Dumpsters are placed using a hook-lift system which allows them to safely fit in tighter spaces
  • Assistance is provided in choosing a dumpster size (10, 20, or 30 cubic yards)
  • We’re Insured and CDL licensed
  • In many cases, same-day service available

If you’re outside of Texas, make sure any prospective company can boast the same qualifications.

If you’re in Texas and want to learn more about our dumpster service, feel free to reach out to the Captain Hook team!