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Huge container available in Austin.

Whether you’re engaged in that huge home renovation project you’ve finally started or are throwing that big party and concert in your backyard you always told friends you would; you’re going to need something to put all that trash or old shingles/demolished concrete in. But not everyone has access to a dumpster large enough to fit such needs. You may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of businesses in the Austin, Tx area that rent out roll-off dumpsters to people on a temporary basis. There are so many, in fact, that it may be hard to decide which one is right for you. You could spend a lot of time doing research, price comparisons and getting quotes. But nothing is worse than doing your research and then calling someone for help only to feel cheated by their level of service.

Roll-off dumpster rental available for any type of business

Luckily, Captain Hook Dumpster Rentals understands what it means to provide a roll-off dumpster rental business that leaves it’s customers satisfied. We not only have the city’s best rental dumpster service, but we also have the friendliest staff there to help you out. Best of all, we provide a level of satisfaction our competitors can’t compete due to our dumpsters ability to fit in any space you need them to fit.

We provide roll-out dumpster size that range from 8 cubic yards to be able to hold 5 tons of refuse for up to 14 days. Even though these containers have a huge holding capacity, they’re also still small enough to fit into a single parking space or driveway without damaging it. Our hook-lift system allows us to install a roll-off rental dumpster in hard to reach spots – often close enough and exactly where you need them near a job site or party grounds. And we’re reliable and timely, with the ability to deliver, exchange or pick up your dumpster on the same day if you call before 12 pm.

Serving Austin as the leading Dumpster roll- off company for 16 years

A local and family-owned business proudly serving Austin, Tx since 2001, we interact with our customers as though they’re old friends to live up to our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Fully insured and CDL licensed to haul in the city of Austin, we consistently give our clients professional-grade service and dependability. We also inform you immediately of any fees and possible penalties before you even start using us. By taking care of our customers every need, we have established our reputation as a dumpster rental service you can trust.