Looking to Rent a Dumpster Onsite? 9 Things to Consider

rent a dumpster onsite

Construction projects produce roughly 40% of America’s waste. All that garbage has to go somewhere, and onsite dumpster rental services have us covered.

If you need a dumpster for your next event, construction project, or to haul junk away, there are some things to think about first. Here are nine things you should consider before you rent a dumpster onsite.


1. What kind of dumpster do you need?

What kind of project do you need a dumpster for, and about how much junk will you be dealing with? For events and more basic projects, a smaller dumpster should do the job. For a major project, you might need a roll off dumpster instead.

You’ll also need to consider how much weight you’ll be throwing away. Just because you can cram something into a dumpster doesn’t mean you won’t exceed its weight limit.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how big your dumpster should be, ask your dumpster rental service. They can help you determine exactly what you need.


2. Do you have a clear place to put a dumpster?

After you have an idea of how big the dumpster needs to be, you need to think about where to put it.

You’ll need a clear, flat space that’s spacious enough for the driver to make a three-point turn when he drops it off.

Now is also a good time to think about the positioning of the dumpster. Do you have a spot that’s conveniently accessible from the entire work site?


3. Do you need to place the dumpster in the street?

If you want to put the dumpster in the street in front of your home, you’ll need to learn about regulations for that in your area. In Austin, TX, you may need to get a Temporary Use of Right of Way Permit (TURP). If you live in Elgin, Georgetown, or in another area, you should check the local regulations for your city.


4. Are you working with a professional dumpster rental company?

As always, you’ll want to be sure the people you’re working with are competent professionals. Otherwise, you may deal with unexpected fees, unprofessional behavior, or poor customer service.


5. What will the cost of renting a dumpster be?

Make sure you know how much it will cost to rent a dumpster onsite. You’ll want to factor this in with your budget plan.


6. Will you be throwing away hazardous materials?

If you plan to throw away hazardous materials, you should think twice before dropping them in the dumpster you rented.

Most common hazardous materials include paint, petroleum products, and even fire extinguishers.

Make sure you know how to safely dispose of the materials you’ll be working with, as well as what materials can go into the dumpster. You don’t want to get a fine for throwing something away in the wrong place.


7. Can any of the junk be recycled?

You might want to think about recycling certain materials. Aluminum, plastic bottles, and cardboard are usually easy to recycle.

Not only is this healthier for the environment but sometimes you can get paid for turning in scrap for recycling.


8. Talk with your onsite dumpster rental service

When you talk to waste management services, be sure and ask about the following:

    • Amount of rental time
    • How much weight is allowed in the contract
    • Materials that aren’t allowed in the dumpster
  • What kind of dumpster will work best for the junk you’ll be throwing away


9. Don’t overfill the dumpster

When the work has begun, be careful not to overfill your dumpster. When it gets full, call the company and ask them to bring a replacement.

And there you have it — nine things to keep in mind when you need to rent a dumpster onsite.