roll off dumpster
When you’re trying to finish a big project, you need big muscle for clean-up. Did you know that construction produces about 40% of all waste in America? That’s a lot to haul. So have you ever considered a roll off dumpster? Yes, believe it or not, there are actually different kinds of boxes to throw large amounts of trash in! Roll off dumpsters aren’t exactly a budget dumpster rental, but they get the tough jobs done when a run-of-the-mill dumpster can’t.

The name is an obvious clue. “Roll off” comes from the fact that this model is on wheels to be able to roll its massive frame on and off a specialized truck for delivery and pick-up. They come in pretty standard sizes, ranging from a ten-yarder to 20, 30, or even 40 yards. Typically when you rent a dumpster for residential or short-term jobs, it will be a smaller size than a standard roll off.

The largest roll off models may have a small side-door installed to make getting rid of junk even more convenient. Who doesn’t like convenient doors?

Like all good thing in life, roll off dumpsters do have their downsides. If you’re not careful you can scratch up the surface they’re placed on with their metal wheels. If you’re concerned about scaring a pretty new driveway surface, people have had good results setting the roll-off on plywood to keep it off the ground itself.

The standard dumpster and a roll off have similarities, of course. Both simply haul junk away for your convenience. In a nutshell, the difference is that a solid roll off dumpster will likely be at a job site longer and handle a higher volume.

Pro tip: Don’t order a single tiny ten-yarder if there’s any suspicion you’ll be taking on a forty-yarder job. Renting a single large roll off will be much more affordable in the long run than having to rent a second dumpster. Dumpster rental companies have seen it a million times — you have been warned, folks!

Remember, you can always ask your dumpster rental provider for their honest opinion on the size you’ll need. Captain Hook may be named after a pirate, but we don’t want to swindle you on overcharged dumpster space.