The Wrong Ways to Use A Dumpster

As a basic concept, dumpster rentals are simple, right? You call, you rent a dumpster, the company brings it to you, you fill it up and get rid of junk, and then the company hauls it away. Easy-peasy, right? Well, there is a wrong way to get rid of junk in your dumpster believe it or not. Let us give you a basic idea of best dumpster practices.

Over-Filling Your Dumpster

Don’t over-fill a dumpster and create a mountain of trash. Hook-lift models especially need to be filled below the rim to be safely hauled away.

Outside Rodents In Your Dumpster Rental

Never underestimate rodents and other outside critters. Most dumpsters have a drain hole or two, and a rat or mouse can easily climb through it and into the dumpster. Drain plugs are typically available, so ask your rental company for plugs if you think rodents and other invaders will be an issue. Try to keep the dumpster off of the soft natural ground and on driveways and pavement.

What Will Dumpster Rental Company Take or Not Take?

Never assume what waste a dumpster company will take. As a general rule, pesticides and household chemical waste aren’t accepted by 99% of dumpster rental companies. However, everyone has their unique lists. For example, some companies specialize in the removal of materials like sod, dirt, and rock; Captain Hook Austin Dumpster Rental does not. Every waste company should have clear guidelines set, so look them up or simply ask.

Hosing Out Your Dumpster

Avoid trying to hose out or clean the dumpster yourself. Contact your rental company to take care of the cleaning.

Moving Your Dumpster

Moving the dumpster on your own is a no-no. It’s potentially damaging to the dumpster and your property, and dangerous for you. Plus, companies can lose track of a moving dumpster. Call the rental company to help move the dumpster if you can help it.

Are Dumpsters Eco-Friendly?

Think dumpsters can’t be eco-friendly? Think again. Americans generate so much trash (254 million tons just in 2012, for example) and nobody is more aware of this than dumpster rental companies. Many try to divert as much of the junk they dispose of into recycling as possible.

Now that you’ve sat through Dumpster Rental 101, you’re ready to rent and use one (hopefully) hassle-free! Not everyone follows these rules, even experienced contractors or builders. It’s not just a matter of convenience for dumpster rental companies; people have been seriously injured and even killed not following best practices for junk removal. Scold your pals and neighbors if they’re not being responsible, and give yourself a pat on the back for trash knowledge.