Why Waste Management Is Essential In Urban Areas

haul junk away
Humans can generate a surprising amount of trash, and most people don’t usually think about where our garbage goes once we put it in the trash can. Even if you don’t usually think of trash collecting as essential for cities, it’s important that someone’s able to haul junk away in highly populated areas. Read on to learn why junk removal is so important for urban areas.

Higher Population Means More Trash

When more people congregate close together, they tend to create more trash. This trash accumulates quickly and can become incredibly problematic if not managed properly. For one example, look at Austin, Texas. Austin has a relatively low population density of 3,358.32 people per square mile; however, each resident creates roughly 6.5 pounds of waste per day, resulting in roughly 3250 tons of trash each day for the entire city. What might start as a few pounds of trash per person quickly accumulates into an amount that could be disruptive if left unchecked. That’s a lot of waste, and it needs somewhere to go.

While much of the waste is recycled, not all of it can be recycled, and if people don’t properly dispose of waste or haul junk away, that trash can pile up. Proper waste management through the use of dumpster rentals and other techniques helps keep cities like Austin clean for the residents.

The Role Of Junk Removal

When there’s that much trash being generated in one location, someone needs to haul junk away. Dumpster rental for large construction projects or big group events where unusual amounts of waste are generated is essential in managing waste in populated areas. Dumpster rental companies can help cities stay clean and manage their waste efficiently.

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